Science Based Six Pack

Science Based Six Pack is a nutrition and exercise program produced by Thomas DeLauer, a world renowned personal trainer and fitness coach. His new program utilizes intermittent fasting along with a proven nutrition and exercise plan to help men get six pack abs in just 90 days.

For decades, untrue myths about intermittent fasting have spread like wildfire, and it’s become a massive problem that actually stops 90% of men (or more) dead in their tracks from ever having any chance to benefit from the profound effects of the periodic reduced insulin levels the body achieves in a brief fasted state.

We’ll dive more into the science and explain more about what makes intermittent fasting so effective for fat loss and getting six pack abs, but first let’s clear the air about some popular myths perpetuated in the fitness industry.

Unfortunately, many men have negative preconceived notions about fasting; however, scientific facts shatter all of the popular (yet untrue) myths about intermittent fasting! These myths are one by one debunked in the bullet point list below, and Thomas explains more in depth in his official video how often times the opposite may actually be true!

science based six pack

  • Myth Number One: “I’ll Lose Muscle if I Don’t Eat Often!”
  • One of the most popular myths about intermittent fasting is that muscle loss is inevitable. The Science Based Six Pack shreds that myth, explaining the science in detail that muscle loss only happens after 72 hours of not eating! Intermittent fasting doesn’t deprive you of food for that long because of the eating windows that it allows for.

  • Myth Number Two: “My Metabolism Will Slow Down During A Fast!”
  • Another popular myth is that your metabolism slows to a grinding halt, stopping you from burning more calories.

    Again, the Science Based Six Pack program challenges that myth by introducing you to the fact that Leptin, a bodily chemical that regulates hunger and energy, spikes after a fast! These Leptin spikes allow you to go longer without feeling hungry, and give you a boost of energy that lasts for hours! (Study 1)

  • Myth Number Three: “I Won’t Be Able To Think Straight During A Fast!”
  • The final most popular myth that men perpetuate about intermittent fasting, is that you’ll feel foggy and your cognitive functions will slow down. This again is totally false, and the Science Based Six Pack demonstrates that fasting actually slows down your synaptic signalling, allowing you to have increased focus. This slowed down synaptic activity gives you a focused mind that is clear of clutter, and allows you to concentrate longer!

How Does Fasting with Science Based Six Pack Work?

thomas delauer science based six packThe Science Based Six Pack utilizes research in nutrition and nutrient timing to give you the best intermittent fasting program on the market.

Many top professional body builders and models, including Thomas DeLauer himself, utilize intermittent fasting to achieve their peak physical condition.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of intermittent fasting, you may be wondering how this program can work for you.

The Science Based Six Pack utilizes three states that your metabolism goes through when breaking down food for nutrients.

  1. The Fed State
  2. The Fed State is the state your body is in as it is digesting recently eaten food. While your body is digesting food, your insulin levels increase causing you to have increased energy for a short time.

    A by product of increased insulin levels is that it is very difficult for your body to target and burn fat. Unfortunately for most men who follow a traditional eating schedule, it is common to be in the Fed State for only a few hours a day, significantly decreasing the body’s ability to burn fat easily and efficiently.

  3. The Post-Absorptive State
  4. The Post-Absorptive Sate is the state your body enters as it is no longer digesting food you’ve recently eaten. This state is the bridge between the Fed State and the final metabolic state.

  5. The Fasted State
  6. In the Fasted State, your body can burn fat much more efficiently due to lower insulin levels. The Fasted State allows you to target fat that would never have been able to touch in a Fed State. Most men falsely believe that they need to eat every two to three hours.

    This is absolutely incorrect, and it keeps most men out of the Fasted State giving them only a short window to target inaccessible fat lost.

The Intermittent Fasting Program that comes with the Science Based Six Pack allows you to burn more fat, while still being about to eat most of the food that you love!

The Three Phases of Science Based Six Pack

science based six pack fasting planThe Science Based Six Pack created by by Thomas DeLauer, utilizes the power of intermittent fasting to increase your fat burning, and maximize every calorie for muscle building.

The basic intermittent fasting program you may see on the internet involves a long period of fasting, and a short period of eating.

These periods usually are broken down into an 18 hour period of fasting, followed by a 6 hour eating window.

The Science Based Six Pack delves deeper into the intermittent fasting diet, breaking the diet into three easy to follow phases over a 90 day period.

  • Phase One: Meta Shift
  • The Meta Shift phase of the Science Based Six Pack program introduces you to intermittent fasting slowly, allowing your body to change its metabolism to a more efficient calorie burning machine. This phase slowly allows your body to get used to fasting and eating windows to avoid any potential muscle mass from being lost.

  • Phase Two: Meta Burn
  • The Meta Burn phase introduces more carbohydrates into your diet, and incorporates the “Fast Break Strategy,” to increase your weight loss potential. This boot of carbohydrates feeds your body, and gives you a super charged metabolism which allows the fat to melt off of you.

  • Phase Three: Meta Keto
  • The final Meta Keto phase of the Science Based Six Pack Program introduces a ketogenic diet into your intermittent fasting program. The ketogenic diet introduces more fats and protein into your diet, while cutting back carbohydrates. This allows for faster and increased fat loss in humans, as your body is forced to utilize fat as a primary energy source.

When you sign up for the Science Based Six Pack program, you will receive instant access to 5 video tutorials that explain all of the questions you may have about intermittent fasting and the three phases just mention. These videos will provide you with a diet regimen that will give you the increased performance and calorie burning you need to get six pack abs.

What Makes Science Based Six Pack Different?

Thomas DeLauer’s Science Based Six Pack was developed by combining the best fat loss and muscle building techniques available for a new kind of fitness program. The Science Based Six Pack stands out from the rest by using scientifically reviewed research.

There are three major differences between this program and other generic plans you may stumble across on the internet and magazines.

  1. The “Shred Fast” Workout Course
  2. The Shred Fast workout course includes 9 full body workouts, designed specifically to target all of the hard to hit muscle groups that have been keeping you from getting that six pack.

    Each workout in the program is 20 to 25 minutes long, and utilize “time under tension” techniques to maximize glycogen usage.

    All of these workouts require no equipment, and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

  3. The “Fast Break Strategy”: Nutrient Timing
  4. Unlike so many other intermittent fasting programs, the “Fast Break Strategy” gives you the guidance you need to know when to break the fast. Without this scientifically backed information many athletic enthusiasts break their fast too soon, or too late, which causes them to waste potential metabolic increases.

    Instead of compromising your fat storage with constant insulin spikes, this program incorporates a unique nutrient timing strategy that gradually elevates your insulin levels, making you more efficient at burning stored body fat. Many men agree that the best part is that this can all be done while still eating your favorite foods!

  5. Two Plans for YOUR Success: The Base Track Plan and The Fast Track Plan
  6. The Science Based Six Pack offers two plans for you to successfully get six pack abs.

    The Base Track plan is a flexible option for guys who are new to dieting and intermittent fasting. This diet plan allows you to begin your athletic journey slowly, and introduce you to the nuances of dieting without overloading you with information.

    The second plan is the Fast Track plan, which is the EXACT diet plan that Thomas DeLauer uses. This plan is for those who have some experience with dieting, intermittent fasting, and meal preparation.

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